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 Casa Pacifica Men's Sober Living provides all residents with a structured environment while fostering independence thus nurturing each man to secure their individual path while building a strong foundation for lasting recovery. Having fun in sobriety is the key. Come Visit Us Today!

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Casa Pacifica Men's Sober Living Home's are located in Beautiful Encinitas, and Solana Beach, California just minutes from San Deigo's finest beaches. Our up scale homes have many amenities but even more valuable, is the safe, supportive and aesthetically beautiful setting we provide. Our serene environment will allow each resident to lay further ground work, while being introduced to a supporting coastal recovery community giving the support a structure that is needed for a successful recovery process.  

Become quickly integrated into coastal San Diego’s recovery community with us!

At Casa Pacifica Men, we encourage each resident to engage in a regular program of 20 hours a week of life skill activities. The house manager and management team are always available to assist each individual resident by creating a tailored individual programs and establish the necessary contacts to allow these maximum progress . Our goal for each of our resident men is to offer both structure and environment conducive to self-improvement for everyone on their individual path to living and enjoying life in recovery. Mind, body, spirt and balance is the key! 

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Located in beautiful Encinitas, and Solana Beach, California, these exclusive homes offer a private, peaceful sanctuary.

The Casa Pacifia Men’s home offers a serene environment which allows each resident to lay further groundwork, supporting a successful recovery process.